SULFUR-MAGNESIUM FERTILISER of Cofermin Chemicals , Essen, Germany:

MAGNOSIET K17, produced in Germany is available in bulk and in big bags.

Magnosiet K 17 is a Sulfur-Magnesium fertiliser + Fe in granluated, water soluble form

Norm: conents and tolerances according to DüMV 16.12.2008

Advantages and Properties
- very easy to handle with modern spreaders
- Magnesium directly available
- guarantees an optimal S-uptake
- excellent for improving liming materials with water soluble Magnesium
- especially for Autumn or late Winter fertilisation
- independent from soil type

As a basic fertiliser in wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed, sugar beet, potato, cabbages, carrots, and green horticultural crops.
100 kg of product gives 16,5 kg MgO (Magnesium Oxide) and 15 kg S (Sulfur). Exact amount of product should meet the recommendations based on soil tests.

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We also deliver IRON SULFATE (Ferous Sulfate Mono- und Heptahydrate, UREA, as well as trace elements such as Molybdates and Selenium.